Do Fast-Eating Dogs Live Shorter Lives Than Slow Eaters?

Odette Rivera - November 01 2020

Experts say that what you’re feeding your dog isn’t as important as you think it is. Proper digestion is a game changer. Puzzle Slow Feeders can help.

When we think of pet nutrition, it’s all about high-quality, wholesome ingredients that are great for pet health, but what if there was more to it? Dog nutrition has focused on the quality of the food in your pup’s bowl for decades, but one of America’s favorite vets says that how dogs eat is just as important as what they’re eating.

Dr. Jennifer Cola, a top Veterinary Surgeon, and Advisor to Trot Pets

“when pets eat too fast, it can not only lead to serious health problems or discomfort, but it can also make it harder to get all of the nutrients out of the food or cause other digestion issues.”

Why Dogs Eat Too Fast

1. Inconsistent meal times: Being inconsistent with feeding times may mean they can’t trust that you’ll feed them again. The result? Food disappears in seconds!

2. Poor-quality dog food: Some pet foods are full of useless filler. This can also lead pets to eat more than they may seem to need as their bodies struggle to get enough nutrients.

3. It’s in their DNA: Competition in the wild can lead them to eat really quickly to make sure they get enough food from a limited supply. This can be deeply rooted in their genes, so if you’ve got more than one pup in the house, or dont have a slow feeder, look out for territorial behavior around food.

Why Is Eating Too Fast Such a Big Deal?

According to the American Kennel Club, fast eating can cause anything from choking and vomiting to life-threatening conditions like bloat, gastric dilatation, and volvulus (GDV). Many people chose to use puzzle slow feeders to  help prevent this. 

If your pet throws up after meals or quickly develops a health issue - you’re actually lucky.

The signs are obvious. Obvious signs lead to diagnosis and saved lives.

What happens when the signs aren’t obvious?

If the quality of your pet’s food isn’t the issue, what can we do to slow our four-legged friends down before there’s a problem?

The Solution to Fast Eating is Natural

Fast eating may be in your dog’s DNA to get over on the competition…

But when there’s no competition around, nature’s also the solution.

Here’s why.

When animals are feeding in the wild, they’re often forced to slow down naturally.

Hunting and foraging take time and effort and it takes several hours of work to feel full.

When you set down a bowl of food that can be swallowed in seconds, you’re actually going against your dog’s true nature by making mealtimes too “easy”.

Your dog wants to problem solve.

Vets suggest providing a more engaging mealtime experience for your pets that can naturally slow them down and be great for their brains.

And that’s exactly what Trot’s Puzzle Slow Feeder was designed to do.

What is Trot’s Puzzle Slow Feeder?

Trot's Puzzle Slow Feeder naturally slows your pet's eating down while also creating a more engaging experience. 

Recently, Trot launched a new product, the Puzzle Slow Feeder, to help make mealtime more naturally engaging (and slow your best friend down in the process) for a healthier eating experience.

The inside of the bowl is shaped like a maze. Even if your pet is ready to inhale their food in seconds, they’re forced to slow down.

The maze pattern engages your dog in a mealtime challenge that’s just like foraging.

The combination of slowing your pup down and problem-solving makes daily feedings more natural by reducing both digestion issues and boredom.

How is it Different Than Other Dog Bowls?

Trot’s Puzzle Slow Feeding bowls are miles ahead of the competition for two reasons:

1. They’re stainless steel
2. They come with a built-in magnet system that locks them in place

Other puzzle feeding bowls are often made out of cheap plastic.

This means they can’t be properly sanitized, meaning they contribute to painful conditions like chin acne. They also get chewed up, which means needing to replace them more often. 


Trot’s are made of 100% stainless steel.

The Trot slow feeder is a must-have for promoting better eating habits.

On top of extending mealtime, which helps eliminate gas and discomfort, the bowls are also chew-proof, which discourages bowl chewing which can lead to painful cuts in a pet's mouth or even dangerous swallowed pieces of plastic bowls.

The bowl also has a built-in magnet system that locks it in place, ensuring it won't be slid around or tipped by even the most aggressive eaters.

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